About Steer

Steer provides advisory services to telecommunications operators, content service providers, institutions and investors on their choices in the electronic communications market.

We bring our experience and expertise through a long-haul relationship with our customers to ensure sustainable growth in their activities.

What makes us different A unique approach combining a thorough industry and market trends understanding, broad and practical business operations expertise, extensive negotiation skills and in-depth consulting experience

Our main focus is to contribute promptly and in a neutral and balanced way in improving our customers’ profitability and cash flow by giving them innovative and well informed perspectives on business key drivers as well as local and international development.

Our mission
  • Provide analysis and advice on strategic choices, product design and new services specifications to meet technology and market evolutions
  • Advise our client on market, operational, competition and regulatory key challenges in respect of mergers, acquisitions and strategic investments
  • Advise and represent our client in respect of all market and competition issues
  • Ensure that our client is prepared, from a strategic, regulatory, technical and commercial point of view to meet market challenges
  • Conduct international benchmarks to assess best practices that fit to our customer’s needs