Our profile
Steer was born in 2006 from the association between a senior consultant having advised many actors of the industry and a senior regulatory affairs manager having worked within three major operators.

Their continuous interventions on all key stages of the liberalization in Europe and on all tehnology breakthroughs combined with their complementary visions confer to Steer a global and acute comprehension of its customers’ main concerns as well as an extensive understanding of market key drivers.

Senior executives profiles

Ms Ouederni has in-depth expertise in the industry, working over the 10 years before joining Steer in 2006 on a wide range of strategic and regulatory issues for major French operators.

Ms Ouederni has in-depth expertise in the industry, having held senior regulatory and strategic positions since the opening up of the French telecommunications market, she actively contributed to shaping the regulatory environment for broadband.

Mr Ziadeh has valuable consultancy experience, providing corporate, economic and operational advice to regulatory bodies as well as private operators and investors over more than 15 years.

His expertise includes broadband strategy and design, business planning, bid for operators stakes and due diligence, cost based analysis and control of retail & wholesale offers, support to lobbying and commercial negotiations.